One Year of Blogging

As of a few days ago, I hit the one year mark with this blog, Genuine VC. 181 posts later, I am extremely happy with all of the time and effort that I’ve put into it over the past twelve months – it’s been very rewarding on both a personal and professional level. Like I mentioned at the turn of 2006, the paramount benefit of blogging has been the communication with everyone who reads it. And while the in-person meetings with people who I’ve “met” in the blogosphere have been the most rewarding, all of the interaction has been great. Accordingly, I wanted to look back to highlight some of my most “popular” posts, those that seemed to resonate and engage people.

First, by far, my “Sevens” Series of posts have received the most amount of traffic:

Seven Founding Sins
Seven Reasons To Become a Founding Entrepreneur
Seven Questions Employees Should Ask Before Joining a Startup
Seven Common Tactical Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in their Initial VC Pitch which are Simple to Fix

Also popular from a traffic standpoint were these posts:

Know Your VC’s Magic Number (and the follow-up piece)
Vertical Social Networks
Friction is Multiplicative
Knowing Your (Incremental) Online Reputation

While the above were widely read, ones that sparked the most comments were probably more thought-provoking:

An Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Information Asymmetry in Bootstrapping
On The Edge About The Edge
Fear (and Loathing?) of DRM

And finally, I wrote a number posts, which from my own perspective, communicated either important thoughts or interesting opinions. My own favorite posts included:

Leaping from “Digerati-Facing Services” to “Consumer-Facing Services” and The Divide Between Geeks and My Grandmother
Bipolarization of Internet Acquisitions in 2005 (and the follow-up piece)
First, Second, and Third Pages of Search
The Importance of Being Authentic

Looking back, it seems that both the most popular (regardless of how you measure it) and my own favorites were the ones which I devoted notable time to forming and articulating a thought-out viewpoint, as opposed to merely communicating short & quick ideas or reactions. My own writing has evolved in this direction, and so it’s one in which I’ll likely continue, as I am looking forward to another year of blogging.

David Beisel

David Beisel is a co-founder and Partner at NextView Ventures. He has been focused on early stage Internet startups his entire career, both as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. As an investor in the digital media space, David was most recently a Vice President at Venrock and previously a Principal at Masthead Venture Partners. Prior to becoming a venture capitalist, David co-founded Sombasa Media, an e-mail marketing company best known for its flagship product BargainDog. Sombasa was successfully acquired by where David served as Vice President of Marketing. David holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and an AB in Economics, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Duke University. He also founded and leads the Boston Innovators Group, an organization which holds quarterly entrepreneur events drawing a thousand attendees.