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April 14, 2005

This week, CNET released a set of news articles covering the radical shift that television is undergoing. It covers everything from on-demand programming to custom-made home media networks. It provides a good general overview, although there’s not much depth to the coverage.

That being said, I am very interested in the current transformation of how/where/when we receive digital content, both from my own personal consumer interest and from an investor standpoint. Things are changing so rapidly, and the incumbent players and money at stake is so great, that startups entering the fray have a lot up against them. We’ve looked at a number of new companies in this space here at Masthead, but haven’t found anything that we could get extremely excited about – yet.

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    Really impressed with the courage and conviction of @mattlauzon. What happened to him is appalling and it takes guts to seek justice
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