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April 21, 2005

My original New New Media post argued a significant set of New New Media venues are emerging – ads in video games, mobile phones, and DVR/IPTV boxes. I followed up on Monday with some supporting evidence for in-game advertising and on a DVR/IPTV box. Here are two additional points to further the case:

Moble Ads. Earlier this week, Paul Reddick, an executive at Sprint commented about the possibility of ads on mobile phones, “It’s inescapable that that’s a great opportunity.” Believe me, if you hear it from the carriers, who yield a lot of power in the industry, it’s going to happen. Now it’s just a matter of how and when. Paul followed up saying that “it’s not clear yet what form advertising might take.” That issue leaves room for startups to make a footprint here.

In-Game Ads. The initial standouts offering an in-game advertising network, Massive and IGA Partners now have some competition. Game publisher WildTangent has partnered with 24/7 Real Media to offer online dynamic ad insertion services. In addition to validation of the space by “traditional” interactive agency 24/7 Real Media, this deal “makes it easy for a media buyer in New York to pop $60,000 or $100,000 into a game and treat it like standard Internet ad buying,” according to Dave Madden, an executive vice president at WildTangent. He’s absolutely right – the more similar that you can make this ad buy to standard online media purchases, the more quickly the adoption of this new new medium will occur.

Is there any argument that these new new media types will make an impact in the next five years? Now I am trying to explore the best opportunities for startups to create value around innovation in these spaces.

  • rich levandov

    The aha moment just hit me for in-game advertising…Wild tangent and 24/7 making it easy to for a media buyer to place an ad buy targeted at a certain game….perfect..just as easy as any other on line media purchase…this will make it a huge category now… want the 18-34 demographic…..voila!!

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