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May 9, 2005

Just a few days last week after I blogged that we should “expect to start seeing more grumblings of dissent claiming that the blog promise is overhyped,” the NY Times ran a story titled, “A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip.” The quick summary,

“Other critics of the blog movement wonder whether the hoopla over the commercial viability of blogs – particularly as publishing ventures – is overstated.”

My belief is that this is just one datapoint along the way on the Gartner Hype Cycle. So when voices begin to inject some realism into the discussion, don’t believe sky is falling as we realize that it isn’t an absolutely picture-perfect blue.

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    "The Download: Jay Acunzo of @NextViewVC" <- Fun Q&A w/ @Jay_zo on @BetaBoston
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    @wayne I'd focus more on the moral question of aging well / predictability vs. playing God
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    @satyap might brush off my short story writing skills :)
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    Sci-Fi story Idea: future where every person takes a pill that allows them to live to 90 in perfect health and then drop dead the next day