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June 14, 2005

You’ve been carrying around your phone for a number of years now. What have you done with it, really? Used it like a regular phone, like everyone has. You call people. Maybe in the past couple of years you have had a Treo or equivalent and use it for e-mail. And most likely the most recent mobile phone you purchased has a camera. What did you do with that feature? Me, I took a few photos of my close friends to make them appear on the screen when they called, e-mailed one test photo to a friend, and then became bored and stopped.

That’s all changing. Already your mobile camera phone is transforming from a two-way radio into your portable input device. Now you can take a picture, e-mail it to Flickr, and post it to your blog. Soon we’ll be able to do the same thing with video, not just still-photos. Mobile blogging interfaces and adoption have some ways to go, but we are already starting to see how user-generated content can be enhanced by mobile contribution. Add location-based services into the mix and things get really interesting. Google’s Dodgeball is only the first step in tagging location meta-data to content. And that’s just the beginning. Once we view our phones as a portable input device, a whole new world opens and novel uses unfold. On U2’s concert tour this summer, the band is asking attendees to SMS their name to a short-code, and everyone’s name appears on a giant screen later in the show. Companies like Mobot are using the camera phone to search visual images and point users to relevant information.

Is the mobile phone the new mouse?

  • Mike

    Check out Audio Blog, which let’s you phone in podcasts or Flash enabled mp3 links to your blog from your mobile phone. Very sweet, on site, live podcasting. It is a pay service though, 5 bucks a month, 50 a year, trying to decide if I want to use it on my blog now. You can also video blog, but I don’t know if you could video blog from your phone.

  • josh kerbel

    you can take the cam-phone one step further…….hook up with flikr, a blog and RSS feed and you have a nice little newswire that can beat any of the professionals to the punch……..home made news wire for the masses!

    As long as someone is listening

  • jst33z

    As more and more of the world, everything from vending machines to parking meters to retail outlets, allows us to pay from our mobiles, they become more than just a mouse–they become the remote control for our lifestyle.

    Push a button and the world around you reacts to satisfy your desires.

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  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @epaley in June 223K new jobs, but 432K people dropped out of labor force… participation fell to lowest in nearly 40 yrs
  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @epaley doesn't make sense when lower unemp % being driven mostly by ppl dropping out of labor force, not getting new jobs
  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @epaley but some have suggested US is moving to a lower equilibrium for full employment, e.g. "normal" unemp % is now lower than historical
  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @epaley yes net job creation is obviously good… monthly avg in 2015 slower than 2014, but still a bit over 200k/mo thus far thru 1H
  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @shaig most fintech focus on pymts & lending, I'd also try to include speakers that can touch on insurance too (will think on suggestions)