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June 28, 2005

With the number of VCs who blog increasing, the amount of valuable information available is growing as well. Most of the VC blog content available possesses a time-based relevancy component to it. And that’s one reason that blogs are so interesting – they are an instant feedback mechanism to learn what individuals are thinking about a certain subject or topic.

But I’ve notice that a significant portion of content of what VCs have blogged has been reference material. It is largely static recommendations and thoughts directed towards entrepreneurs to give them insight into the venture capital process. Some of the best examples include Allen Morgan’s “Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs,” Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson’s “Term Sheet Series,” along with many others.

Does it make sense for us (read: me take the lead) to start an open venture capital wiki for this type of reference material? Would it be helpful to have it all in one central location, as opposed to spread throughout disparate blogs? (Of course, we would diligently follow the licensing and attribution requests/intentions of the authors). One idea would be post the material on a dedicated hosted wiki (through SocialText or on Seedwiki). Another would be to avoid “recreating the wheel” and just use Wikipedia as the central resource.

So… I am looking for my readers’ (i.e. your) thoughts. Is this open venture capital wiki a good idea? What is the best forum or technology service solution for this project? What are the posts that you think should be included? Do you think that others will contribute to this effort? I am eager to hear your ideas via e-mail, comments, and trackbacks. Thanks.

Note: special thanks to Jeff Clavier for acting as a sounding board for my initial thoughts on this idea.

  • Toby

    At one point there was a VC wiki here, but it appears that it is down. It didn’t get much activity when it was up.

    My favorite VC reference at the moment is As with most topics, you can get a lot out of tag unions. For example, check out VC+termsheet or VC+pitch. It would be nice to have a more guided tour, but you may have to pick up a lot of the wiki maintenance yourself.

  • Ross Mayfield
  • Brad Feld

    I think this is useful if you simply create a summary with short commentary that links to all the original material. I think cutting and pasting the original material into a wiki is a waste of time – think “wikipedia” with lots of links, not a “compendium of all the other stuff that people have written duplicated again in one place.”

    Of course, you can also orgazine this in delicious using tagging and just be hyper-organized about the tags.

  • Christian Mayaud

    I’ve only been writing my blog for a month or so but you are absolutely right … my longer pieces tend to be relatively insensitive to time ie they deal with broad issues which may be picked up and discussed (like you did with my entrepreneur’s magic number post) but could be read anytime … even on my own blog I’m wondering about how to handle structure and organization of the content … let me know what you decide and I’d love to participate (as time allows of course)

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