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July 22, 2005

As I worry about next-generation consumer internet services becoming increasingly difficult, the Denver Post’s NewsHound service, which launched this week, takes a nice step in making things easier for the average non-techie. You can download the stand-alone client here. It’s a private-label RSS reader built on top of the NewsGator Media Platform, and the application definitely simplifies finding and reading content feeds for people in that area of the country (as it’s tee’d up with local content). That’s good news for consumers just learning about new ways to get fresh syndicated content, and not needing to worry about technical jargon like RSS/Atom/etc. And from a business standpoint, this deal is just one of many to come for NewsGator powering media companies’ RSS offerings.

(Disclosure: Masthead Venture Partners is an investor in NewsGator. See my previous post on why I like this investment.)

  • Patrick Matthews

    I think any service you need to download is failing to make things “easier for the average non-techie.” I think its a decent deployment once up and running but I’m shocked they didn’t go web-based.

  • happyttyy

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    Great meeting @km! Nice when the human persona exceeds the digital one :)
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    Apple's a hardware company, not a software company. We all go a friendly reminder today...
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    The Hitchhiker's Guide to Boston Tech site is launching next week, but you can register to be notified today:
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    RT @NextViewVC: Arriving next week..the one, the only, the Hitchhiker's Guide to Boston Tech Startups.…