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August 3, 2005

Yesterday Jupitermedia sold its and SearchEngine Strategies show to UK-based for Incisive Media $43M in cash. CEO Alan Meckler outlines his reasoning in his blog stating that it was the most effective way to raise cash for future acquisitions given that he views his stock price as undervalued.

Rafat Ali of wonders,

“They have a saying in our circles: When Alan Meckler sells, you know the market is at its peak. Meckler is the king of timing, and has always sold his companies at the right time. Does that mean people should get out of search? Just a thought…”

Hmm… I sincerely believe that there is still additional upside in search, but Rafat raises a very interesting counter-perspective to ponder.

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    My partner @davidbeisel and I are happy alums. Excited to see this news “@peHUB: Parthenon agrees to merge with EY”
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    @scottkirsner posted a reply comment… as you suggest we agree on more than we disagree. Also I believe I'm making a slightly diff point