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September 20, 2005

Ever since I learned about YubNub from Nivi’s post two months ago, my head has been spinning about the potential power of this tool. If you’re not familiar, YubNub is a “command line for the web.” Further described, “YubNub is an outsourced OS. YubNub is an operating system web service. YubNub is a web service for developing web services.”

I’ve been hesitant to post about it, though, as I still trying to grasp and digest what the ramifications of this structure truly means. It appears to me that YubNub is a meta-control tool of what Jim Moore calls “web superservices”, operating on level five of his “web superservices solution stack.” Though I am having trouble translating this theoretical classification into something that is tangible and useful in the immediate-term. It’s good to see that Paul Kedrosky has found some practical use-cases of the service. I’ll have to really dig in myself to understand it, but my intuition tells me that there is something extremely compelling here.

(Also, YubNub’s the command line interface has a very MS-DOS prompt feel to me… perhaps the next generation of incremental innovation wraps an AJAX-enabled user interface around the service to really give the layman a true GUI Internet Operating System?)

  • Nathan Dintenfass

    Similar to YubNub, but something I find more useful is IMSmarter — same sort of idea, except it has an IM interface intead of URLs. For instance, I use it to send me reminders, keep a list of “notes” I don’t want to forget, etc.

    Similar to YubNub, it allows anyone to extend the core set of commands.

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