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December 5, 2005

The best part of the VC job is opportunity and privilege of meeting with so many entrepreneurs. My favorite days are the ones in which I spent the entirety meeting with a couple of company founders. It’s both exciting and engaging to talk with people who are in the midst of the process of creation – acting on an idea transforming basic elements into something elegant, useful, and valuable.

In many ways an entrepreneur is like a sushi chef, creating something very rich out of something very basic. The raw elements of their craft (dead raw fish or people & ideas, respectively) are ubiquitous and available to nearly everyone. But only a select few have the skills and initiative to transform these into something wholly different.


Now that’s unique, exciting… and tasty.

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    @nikhilkal did you solve it?
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    @nikhilkal haha!
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    has anyone ever tried a Room Escape Adventure? Thinking of trying to get my team to do it (if they ever re-open in Boston)
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    Thanks @spgassist for the help! Terrific service via Twitter!