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January 5, 2006

Probably the most rewarding (and unexpected) benefit of blogging has been the interaction and communication with some of the people who read my blog. One of my favorite daily activities is to read the comments to a post and hear what others are thinking about a particular topic or opinion. And it’s always a treat when I find an incoming e-mail with a more detailed comment about a post, a pitch for a startup in a space in which I’ve been writing, or link/suggestion for further reading and thinking.

The most meaningful communications with readers (and other fellow bloggers), however, have been connecting in person – whether it’s during a conference (like Web2.0 back in October), at a meetup event (like the Boston Web Innovators Group event in November), or when entrepreneurs/readers have presented to us here at Masthead. Over the past year or so of blogging, I’ve been introduced and started many mutually rewarding relationships through this medium.

As such, my new year’s (blogging) resolution is to be more engaging to comments by further commenting in the conversation in my posts and to be as responsive as I can to your e-mails. So, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a reader in 2005 – I am looking forward to getting to know you better in this new year (both online and off).

  • Andrew

    David, your getting mushy on us but i agree that blogs are designed for 2-way interaction. I wonder if engaging in blogs will make vc’s more money or just open them up to more crap.

  • Alex

    I work in at a hedge fund that has a PE FoF. Of VC-specific blogs, I read yours and A VC. I appreciate the commentary on the PE world as I’m thinking about getting into it later in my career.


  • fred

    keep it mushy

    i like honesty and emotion from a VC

    it’s so damn rare!

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  • Rob Go
     - 6 hours ago
    @brynary most investors add no value and want to invest in founders that don't need their help :)
  • Rob Go
     - 12 hours ago
    stuck in cincinatti. The good news is that the airport here is quite glorious
  • David Beisel
     - 13 hours ago
    RT @ezberry: Honored to be kicking off the new Native Insider column at @MediaPost - @TripleLiftHQ #NativeAdvertising
  • David Beisel
     - 16 hours ago
    In a board meeting this morning which ISN'T using a board deck... here's a template for what they're doing instead:
  • David Beisel
     - 17 hours ago
    Startups can hire Boston's top student talent better using @NewEnglandVC's campus recruitment guide as a resource: