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February 23, 2007

Michael Copeland’s latest Business2.0 article predicts a “tidal shift” towards the emergence of tech IPOs in the next couple months. While his language is perhaps excessively strong, I think that his sentiments will likely prove to be correct. There are a number of real growth technology-based businesses which weathered the storm earlier this decade that have emerged commanding both healthy top lines and bottom ones. And some of these even have “.com” in their names. It’s inevitable that the climate will change towards realizing the merit these businesses posses for going public is real.

It’s been interesting to hear similar thoughts in private conversations as the inklings have been written in the press, but it seems as though many are treating this story of impending IPOs like a jack in the box – winding and winding, waiting and waiting for the fun to emerge at one instant. I suspect the acceptance of offerings by public investors will increase steadily and markedly in the next year or so, but those waiting for an overwhelming stampede will be disappointed.

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    @markzohar still would have been easier to just keep trying and burn the cash
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