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  • I am a cofounder and Partner at NextView Ventures, a dedicated seed-stage venture capital firm making investments in internet-enabled startups. Read More »



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  • David Beisel
     - 5 hours ago
    "The Download: Jay Acunzo of @NextViewVC" <- Fun Q&A w/ @Jay_zo on @BetaBoston
  • Rob Go
     - 5 hours ago
    @wayne I'd focus more on the moral question of aging well / predictability vs. playing God
  • Rob Go
     - 5 hours ago
    @satyap might brush off my short story writing skills :)
  • Rob Go
     - 6 hours ago
    Sci-Fi story Idea: future where every person takes a pill that allows them to live to 90 in perfect health and then drop dead the next day